Adopt a reptile

Would you like to adopt a reptile?

Sound like a good idea? Perhaps it’s something you’ve always fancied doing as a gift to yourself or maybe a present to that someone special. Well, now’s your chance…adopt a reptile today.

Our ‘adopt a reptile’ pack makes the perfect gift, costs a one-off payment of £15.00 and includes:
  • An adoption certificate
  • A reptile fact sheet
  • Your name displayed on our sponsors page on this website.

How do I adopt a reptile?

To adopt a reptile just look through the list below on this adoption page and choose which reptile you would like to adopt. You can adopt a reptile for yourself or for someone special and we’ll also include a special message from yourself printed on the adoption certificate in the adoption pack.


Brown Basalisk - Lightning

Bosc Monitor - Geoff

4 Long Tailed Lizards

Nile Monitor - Clio

Bearded Dragon - Bobby

Bearded Dragon - Scar

Bearded Dragon - Stubs

Bearded Dragon - Stacey

Blue Tongue Skink - Stinky

Leopard Gecko - Larry

Crested Gecko - Dave

Tokay Gecko - Grumpy


Corn Snake - Eddie

Corn Snake - Caramel

Corn Snake - Ivan

Boa Constrictor - Scarlet

Royal Python - Jewel

Royal Python - Heart

Royal Python - Banana

Hognose - Hoggy

Californian King Snake - Coco

Californian King Snake - Snowy

Sand Boa - Sandy


Leopard Tortoise - Shirley

Red Footed Tortoise - Albert

Spurred Tortoise - Henrietta

Horsefield Tortoise - Spud

Other Animals

Musk Turtle - Terry

2 Yellow Belly Turtles

African Land Snails