Animal Therapy

We educate, amaze and inspire the young and the elderly by our ethical and engaging hands on animal encounters.

Our Animal Therapy Sessions are designed to stimulate and engage, whilst promoting mental well-being.

Animal-assisted therapy sessions can; help bring people together, help people to see things with a different perspective and to cope in the most adverse situations. 

We find our work very rewarding, visiting places such as care homes for the elderly, children’s hospices and in pupil referral units. It is all about making people’s lives better! We offer three unique packages designed with something to appeal to everybody.

The Mobile Petting Farm

New for summer 2021 our mini mobile petting farm.

Our mini mobile petting farm experience is very interactive and fun with a variety of animals.

Our visit enables all ages to touch, smell and hold our animals.

Our visit will include a selection of animals from rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, ferrets, hens, chicks, ducks, turkeys.

Bird Therapy

Our bird therapy visits are very interactive and educational. 

We will bring 6 different species of birds into your care home and allow your residents to view each bird, in turn, while being informed of the birds’ background. There will be opportunities for some of the birds to be handled by both residents and staff alike. Unfortunately, we do not allow people to touch our birds for animal welfare reasons, but the birds are happy to sit on your gloved hand. 

There will be smiles all round!.

The current birds in our ‘Bird Therapy Team’ are: Gonzo the Burrowing Owl, Ashlea the Ashy Faced Owl, Sheila the Laughing Kookaburra, Sam the White-Faced Owl, Reiver the African Spotted Eagle Owl and Skye our European Kestrel.

Exotic Mobile Zoo

Our Exotic Mobile Zoo therapy is an extremely hands on affair! We will visit your care home with a collection of our exotic animals and allowing residents to touch, hold, or, depending on how brave they feel, just look.

Animals that may attend include: Corn Snakes, Royal Python, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Large Tortoises, Hissing Cockroaches and African Land Snails.

This is an interactive session with lots of fun and allowing LOTS OF INTERACTION.

Meerkat Vision Therapy

Our Meerkats will entertain anyone and everyone with their playful, mischievous behaviour.

Our Meerkats are not handle-able and are only used for viewing purposes only.

We will arrive 30 minutes before your session start time to allow us time to set our 6 x 6

foot enclosure up in a room convenient to you. Your residents can then sit around the enclosure and be entertained by the non-stop antics of these adorable creatures.

Miniature Pony Visit

Our miniature pony Pepper can visit your care home and visit your residents for a meet and greet and be pampered, because she is very small and is light weight we can take her around your home visiting residents in their own rooms.

Each session lasts for up to 1 hour and is ONLY £75.00 per session

We are based just outside Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. 

Travelling expenses may apply, see the map below.

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Joe's Owl Encounters &Exotic Mobile Zoo
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