Joe's Exotic Animal Rescue

Welcome to Joe's Exotic Animal Rescue

Founded in 2014, Joe's Exotic Animal Rescue that provides a permanent home to a large variety of unwanted and neglected exotic animals from all kinds of backgrounds.

Some animals we have in our rescue at the moment

Corn snakes - Hog nose snakes - Boa constrictors - Burmese Pythons - Royal pythons - Bearded dragons - Stick insects - Millipedes - Hissing Cockroaches - Death Head Roaches - Beetles - Tarantulas - Land snails - Tortoises - Chameleons - Iguana's - Bosc monitors - Pygmy Hedgehogs - Parrots - Meerkat’s - Cold and tropical fish - Giant Cane toads and the list goes on..

When you can no longer look after your exotic animal for any reason, we are here to help you!.

We do always have exotic animals available for adoption, taking on an animal from us all we ask from you is an adoption fee and an agreement to sign when you re home a reptile from us in order for us to be able to keep doing what we enjoy doing!

We are a non-profit organisation set up to help unwanted, abandoned, sick or endangered reptiles and some other exotic creatures. Since we started back in 2014 we have re homed lots of reptiles, helped many owners with problems and nursed sick animals back to full health.

Some of the reptiles which come to us don't get re homed but stay with us for the rest of their lives, this is either due to disability, sickness or aggression issues.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any exotic animals which you would like us to re home from you.

Please feel the need to feed at least one animal we have in our rescue, every little helps!.

Here is a list of prices.

Frozen food

1 small frozen mouse £0.50.

1 medium frozen mouse £0.80.

1 small frozen rat £1.20.

1 medium frozen rat £2.60.

1 large frozen rat £3.20.

1 small frozen Rabbit £3.50.

1 large frozen rabbit £6.30.

1 x-large frozen rabbit £13.00.

1 box 200 day old chicks (lasts approx 3 days) £15.00.

Live Reptile Food.

Tub Calcium worms £2.75.

Tub Wax worms £2.75.

Tub Mario worms £2.75.

Tub Black Crickets £2.75.

Tub Hoppers £2.75.

Tub Meal-worms £2.75.

Fruit and Vegetable's

1 bag of Curly Kale £1.00.

1 bag of apples £3.00.

1 net of carrots £3.00.

Mixed veg box £10.00

Mixed fruit box £10.00.