Harvest Mice photography

NEW FOR 2019!!

Harvest mice photography which is suitable to all levels of photographer. 

Our workshops will be available all year round for those who are wanting to add something different to an ever-increasing portfolio, through to beginners wishing to photograph these wonderful tiny acrobats.

Workshops are held indoors, we will use many different flowers and plants and backgrounds.

Our aim is to allow all photographers to get the maximum from your visit.

We’ll make it as natural as possible with a very relaxed atmosphere.


Each workshop will run for a strict period of two hours, this is important for the well-being of our mice.


Maximum of 2 photographers per workshop, this will allow you to capture the best images possible.


Cost per workshop is £50.00 per person payable in full at time of booking through this website.


For anyone interested in a two hour one-to-one tailored workshop, cost per session is £80.00, please contact us to book.

Tea or coffee will be provided during each photography workshop.

Toilet facilities are available.

Seating if required.

Arriving to a workshop

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your harvest mice workshop at our farm just outside Great Ouseburn in North Yorkshire.



Macro lenses is recommended for the harvest mice workshops, this allows you to get closer to the mice, all lighting is provided by us, so no flash will be needed.

Tripods can get in the way and can be a trip hazard so we prefer tripods not to be used. 


How To Book
To book your place on one of our harvest mouse workshops or to purchase a Gift Voucher, please click on the BUY NOW beside your date/time you would like to attend, we will then send you a conformation email, (please note a 5% fee applies to cover PayPal fee's), if you would like to pay over the phone using any debit/credit card give us a call on 07729 282 217.

Workshop Dates & Times

Saturday 23rd March - 10am to 12pm

Saturday 23rd March - 1pm to 3pm

Sunday 24th March - 10am to 12pm

Sunday 24th March - 1pm to 3pm

Sunday 7th April - 10am to 12pm

Sunday 7th April - 1pm to 3pm

Sunday 14th April - 10am to 12pm FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 14th April - 3pm to 5pm

Sunday 21st April - 10am to 12pm FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 21st April - 1pm to 3pm FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 27th April - 3pm to 5pm FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 28th April - 10am to 12pm FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 28th April - 10am to 12pm FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 11th May - 12pm to 2pm

Saturday 11th May - 3pm to 5pm

Sunday 12th May - 9am to 11am

Sunday 12th May - 12pm to 2pm