Welcome to our dedicated area for our winged ring bearers

We are offering this unique service for your wedding rings to be delivered by our majestic Ashy Faced Owl.

Our winged ring bearer will elegantly and gracefully fly your wedding rings along the aisle to the bride, groom, best man, flower girl, page boy, or whoever you would like to receive your precious rings!
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How It Works

The Order Of Service
  We want your day to run as smoothly as possible and we begin this by arriving at your ceremony venue a little while before you do. This is to allow our bird, a little time to absorb the surroundings and get to know where they will be working. We will want to meet the person who is going to receive your rings prior to the service and certainly prior to any guests arriving. We will introduce them to our bird, go over the delivery sequence and teach the ever important cue, so that our bird knows exactly who to delivering the rings to. When your guests begin to arrive we remain out of sight. Keeping this part of your service a secret, works really well and creates an amazing wow factor.

During The Ceremony

As your ceremony takes place, the bird and it's handler will remain unseen until the point where they begin their work, he has a short cue, which your best man will deliver. At this point our bird will silently and elegantly fly along the aisle with the rings firmly held in place and gently land on the offered gloved hand. Your ring receiving person will then un-clip the rings to release your carefully delivered wedding rings. The birds handler will command the cue again and our bird will once again glide gently along the aisle and return to it's handler.
After The Ceremony
It will be an amazing and moving part of your service, something your guests will not forget for a long time.  After you are married, our bird and his handler will be available for the newly married couple to have official photographs with their ‘Wedding Ring Bearing Bird’. We will then offer your guests the chance to hold our bird.
If our Silver or Gold packages are chosen this is where we will set up our static bird display and allow wedding guest holds of our birds.
What About The Venue
 There are always plenty of questions regarding the room in which the rings are to be delivered and we hope to allay any questions you may have here. Our birds do not need large amounts of space in which to fly. They fly below 5 foot above the ground level.

Locations that we will cover
All locations in England, Scotland & Wales



Ring Delivery - £350.00.

Time at venue approximately 3 hours.


Wedding ring delivery followed by a wedding reception static display of 6 birds allowing wedding guests to hold each individual bird for one hour.
Time at venue approximately 3.5 hours.

Wedding ring delivery followed by a wedding reception static display of 9 birds allowing guests to hold each individual bird.
Time at venue approximately 4 hours

(Traveling expenses apply to all our packages).


We are fully insured and hold a Performing Animals License Act 1925

A 20% deposit to be received at time of booking to secure your date then full payment to be received 8 weeks prior to your wedding day.

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