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Schools & Hubs

Welcome to our dedicated area for schools, Hubs and clubs.

We have been providing a wide range of lectures for children since 2014.

Our lectures are suitable for schools, nurseries and after school clubs, they are very educational.

Our educational offer is delivered by our highly experienced staff, if your group has a specific area of interest or focus, do contact us to discuss your requirements.

We pride ourselves on giving an immersive and inclusive experience for all.

Birds of Prey Lecture

Our birds of prey lecture lasts one hour, we will bring a collection of our birds and go through each bird individually telling the participants everything there is to know about each bird, throughout the lecture we will allow selected participants to handle our small birds, we do not allow our birds to be touched.

Suitable for a single class to a full school

1 single session £95.00

2 single sessions £170.00

3 single sessions £240.00

4 single sessions £300.00

5 single sessions £350.00

6 single sessions £390.00

Full school (1 session 90 minutes) £200.00

Exotic Animal Lecture

Our exotic animal lecture is very educational for children involved as we talk about the animals we have and allowing some of our animals to be touched, our lectures do not allow any handling of any of our animals.

Animals involved are Snakes, Lizards and Tortoises

Hand sanitizer is provided.

Maximum of 30 participants per lecture.

Our sessions contain more animals the longer the time

30 minute session - suitable for infants, 4 animals £80.00

45 minute session - 6 animals £90.00

1 hour session - 10 animals £100.00

School's & Hubs Booking Form

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